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Icom OPC-1000 20 ft Extension Cable
Icom OPC-1540 20 ft Extension Cable for HM-195
Icom OPC-1542 Extension Cable for HM-126 Rear Mount
Icom OPC-2004 Headset Adapter Plug
Icom OPC-2006LS Headset Adapter Plug
Icom OPC-2144 Headset Adapter Cable
Icom OPC-440 Mic Extension Cable

Icom OPC-440 Mic Extension Cable

Mic extens..


Icom OPC-589 Microphone Adapter Cable
Icom PTT-SW Avionics Push-to-Talk Switch
Icom SM-26 Desktop Microphone for Base Station
Icom SM-30 Desktop Microphone for Ham Radios
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