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Icom AD-101  Adapter Cup for BP210N & BP211 Batteries
Adapter cup to install in the BC119N or BC121N for the BP210N & BP211 batteries. For use with Icom radios;  IC-A6, and A24. ..
Icom ANT-SB  Avionics Switchbox for A110 Air Band Radio
Avionics antenna switchbox for the A110 ICOM radio.  The ANT-SB allows one external antenna to be used for both handheld and panel mounted radios. The ANT-SB switchbox unit can be mounted behind the panel, so that the interconnect port is visible. Comes with a 4ft interconnect cable. ..
Icom B-ANT Antenna for A110, A210, A120, & A220
Base station antenna 118.8 to 126.8MHz for use with air band avionic radios units.  Use with ICOM A110B, A210B, A120B, or A220B.  To be mounted externally on building. This antenna is specifically modified / trimmed to the 118.8MHz – 126.8MHz range for Icom avionics radios. Please ignore the generic instructions included in the box from L..
Icom BC-144N  Rapid Charger For IC-A6 & A24
Icom BC-144N  Rapid Charger for aviation radios IC-A6 & A24. Also used for F11/21/3G/4G/30G/40G series radios. 110V  (BC-145S  AC Adapter included).  Charges the BP-210N battery, charging time is approximately 2 hours. ..
Icom BC-167SA Wall Charger 110V
Icom BC-167SA Wall Charger 110V. For use with Icom radios: ID-31A ID-51A IC-80AD IC-92AD IC-A6 IC-A24 ..
Icom BC-179 Trickle Charger - 110V
 Trickle charger. For use with Icom aviation A14 radio and battery BP-232N.  Charge time approx. 12 hrs. ..
Icom BC-224  Desktop Rapid Charger - 110V
110V rapid charger  (includes BC-123SA AC adapter). Use with Icom radios: A25 ID-51A ..
Icom BP-208N AA Battery Case - For A6 & A24
Battery Case for 6 AA Alkaline batteries (for ICOM aviation radios IC-A6 and A24). ..
Icom BP-210N  Ni-MH Battery - For A6 & A24 Radios
ICOM Ni-MH Battery - 7.2V / 1650mAh   (use with IC-A6 or A24 radios). ..
Icom BP-288 Li-Lion Battery 2350mAh
2350mAh li-ion 7.2V battery; IP57 ..
Icom BP-289 AA Battery Case - For A25
Battery Case for 6 AA Alkaline batteries (for ICOM aviation radios IC-A25). ..
Icom CP-18A Cigarette Lighter Cable for R6 R20 & 4088 Radios
12V Cigarette lighter cable wtih for use with Icom radios IC-R6,  IC-R20, or 4088. ..
Icom CP-20 Cigarette Lighter Cable for A6 & A24 Radios
Cigarette lighter cable wtih DC-DC converter for use with Icom battery charger BC-144N and radios IC-A6 or IC-A24. 12-24V DC input available. ..
Icom CP-22 Cigarette Lighter Cable for A14 Radio
Cigarette lighter cable wtih DC-DC converter for use with Icom battery charger BC-179 and radio IC--A14. 12-24V DC input available. ..
Icom FA-B02AR - Antenna for Aviation Handheld Radio
Standard antenna for ICOM aviation handheld radios.  Supplied with radio.  Use with handheld radios; IC-A6, A14, and A24. ..
Icom HM-152 Speaker Microphone
Standard microphone for Icom mobile radios and base stations. Use with land mobile radios (comes with land mobile radio): IC-F5011 / F6011 IC-F5021 / F6021 IC-F5121D / F6121D IC-F5061 / F6061 IC-F2721 / F2821 IC-F1721 IC-F5220D / F6220D IC-F5360D / F6360D Use with air band aviation radios: IC-A110 ..
Icom HM-161 Hand Microphone for A110
Standard hand microphone for use with air band aviation radio IC-A110. ..
Icom HM-176 Speaker Microphone
Microphone for the A220, A210, and A200 airband radios. ..
Icom HM-211 Noise Cancelling Speaker Microphone
Noise cancelling mobile hand microphone.  For use with Icom Land Mobile radios. ..
Icom HM-216 Standard Microphone for A120
Standard microphone for A120. ..
Icom HM-217 Speaker Microphone for A120
Microphone with built-in speaker and front panel includes up/down buttons and two programmable buttons (P1/P2). For the Icom A120 radio. ..
Icom HM-231 Waterproof Speaker Microphone
Icom HM-231 Waterproof Speaker Microphone for use with the A25 radios. ..

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