OTTO V4-10431 Behind-the-Head, Dual Speaker, Heavy Duty Headset

  • Certified noise reduction of 24dB
  • Flexible, noise-canceling, boom microphone with replaceable windscreen
  • Comfortable, cloth-covered ear seals
  • Fully rotating boom mic for left or right side positioning

Recommended uses:

  • Manufacturing Plant Engineers
  • Industrial Processing Technicians
  • Construction Teams
  • Airport Personnel
  • Racing Crews
  • Anyone in High Noise Environments

For use with Motorola radios: HT750 & HT1250 Series (WARIS) (MJ) Connector GP140, GP240, CP280, GP320, GP328, GP329, GP338, GP339, GP340,GP360, GP380, GP640, GP650, GP680, GP1280, HT750, HT1250/HT1250LS, HT1550, HT1500XLS, MTP700, MTP750, MTX 838, MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX900, MTX950, MTX960,MTX1500, MTX 4550, MTX8250, MTX8250LS, MTX9250, PR860, PRO5150, PRO5350, PRO5450, PRO5550, PRO5750, PRO7150, PRO7350, PRO7450, PRO7550, PRO7750, PRO9150, PTX700, PTX760

MJ Connector

OTTO V4-10431 Behind-the-Head Headset | Motorola MJ

  • $239.95

  • 5 or more $237.95
  • 10 or more $235.95
  • 20 or more $232.95

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