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Motorola NAD6502 VHF Whip Antenna 146-174MHz
Motorola NNTN4497 Li-Ion Battery (2250mAh)
Motorola NNTN4970A Slim Li-Ion Battery
Motorola PMAE4016 UHF Whip Antenna 403-520MHz
Motorola PMLN6588 6-Bank Gang Charger
OTTO V2-10031  Evolution Speaker Mic | Motorola MA
OTTO V2-10228  Evolution Speaker Mic | Motorola MA
OTTO V2-10295  Evolution Speaker Mic | Motorola MM
OTTO V2-R2MF5112 Revo NC2 Speaker Mic | Motorola MF
Motorola PMLN7101 Six-Unit Charger for SL300
Motorola PMLN7157 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
Motorola PMLN7158 1-Wire Surveillance Kit
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