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Radios for Security Guards Prisons Surveillance

2-way radios are a life-line for security operations. These are serious jobs and they need serious two-way radios to meet the challenges. Calling for back-up, managing crowds, sending alerts, coordinating team tactics during surveillance situations, are just some of the critical uses.

Security operations need two-way radios with Surveillance mode, Man Down feature, and Lone Worker & Emergency features.

Safety is of utmost importance in your in of work. Your operations usually are either indoors or in urban areas, so UHF radios are your best choice. The radios we have listed have many features to improve security operations and enhance the safety of your security team.

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Radios for Prisons, Surveillance, & Security Operations

These are radios selected by us for their durability, safety features, and popularity among correctional & security professionals.

Icom F3261DT VHF | F4261DT UHF Digital Radio ► 512 Channels, 128 Zones ► 8 Programmable Keys ► Waterproof ► Digital ► 24 Character Display ► Trunking Capable ► Extra Loud Audio - 800mW ► Full Keypad Option ► Built-in Voice Scrambler ► Repeater Capable ► MDC and BIIS Compatible ► PC Programming Setup.

► 32 or 1024 Channels ► Built-in Bluetooth ►Digital ►Color Display ► Loud Audio (1,000mW) with Active Noise Cancelling ►Trunking Capable ► 5 Watts ► Voice Recorder ► Repeater Capable ► Channel Announce ► Menu Driven ► Compact Design..

Motorola MVX-459 Two-Way Radio | Vertex Standard
► 512 Channels / 32 Groups ► 8 Character Display ► 9 Programmable keys ► Full Keypad ►Waterproof ► 5 Watts ► Extra Loud Audio (700 mW) ► 9 Hrs. or 15 Hrs. Battery ► Voice Scrambler ► MDC-1200 Encode/Decode ► LTR Trunking Option ► Radio-to-radio cloning ► PC Programming..