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Posted by in Kenwood Radios on January 10, 2013 .

Kenwood has announced a new version of their popular ProTalk two-way radios. The new Kenwood ProTalk® Series has been improved to offer a new design and new features. The new ProTalk® series will replace the current  Kenwood ProTalk® radios in December 2012. The previous Kenwood ProTalk® radios will be available only while current inventory lasts.  Both new and past versions of ProTalk are fully compatable.

New Kenwood ProTalk® Radios TK-2400 V4P 4 Channel, 2 Watt, VHF Replaces TK-2300 V4P TK-2400 V16P 16 Channel, 2 Watt, VHF Replaces TK-2300 V16P TK-2402 V16P 16 Channel, 5 Watt, VHF Replaces TK-2302 V16P TK-3400 U4P 4 Channel, 2 Watt, UHF Replaces TK-3300 U4P TK-3400 U16P 16 Channel, 2 Watt, UHF Replaces TK-3300 U16P TK-3402 U16P 16 Channel, 5 Watt, UHF Replaces TK-3302 U16P


The new Kenwood ProTalk TK2400 and TK3400 now have twice the audio output power and improved sound for use in noisey locations. The new radios also feature a new snap-on audio-jack cap for the two pin headset port. A new a programmable blue-colored LED has been added to the radios for use as a critical indicator. In addition, the radios have a slimmer profile compared to previous models.


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