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CSKLD2 Icom Key Loader Software

CSKLD2 Icom Key Loader
CSKLD2 Icom Key Loader Software
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    DES AES Encryption Quick Start Guide :
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  • Brand: ICOM
  • Model: CSKLD2
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Icom Key Loader Software for F3400D, F4400D, F5400D, F6400D

This item is shipped on a CD.

AES Encryption works on Digital Channels only. A maximum of 64 encryption codes, AES, DES or both, can be loaded into a given radio. The F3400/5400 series radios offer low level 15-bit encryption or limited DES (four keys maximum) built into each radio and do not require the CS-KLD2 software or the UT-134.

Note: High and Low Level encryption are for digital operation only.


  • UT-134 Option Board (Installed in each radio)
  • Digital Channels programmed in radio
  • CS-KLD2 keyloader Software (this product)
  • USB Secure Key plugged into PC (included with this software)
  • AES Activation Key (from Icom America) loaded into all radios
  • USB A to micro B type, or OPC-1862 (portables) or OPC- 2363 (Mobiles) with matching drivers installed.
  • Radio Firmware and Software updated to the latest version
  • Windows® 7, 8.1, or 10 (32/64bit) operating system

Attention: Once processed, software orders cannot be cancelled once shipped, exchanged, or returned for refund. Once your order has completed you can download your software.

Warning   Be advised, serious penalties and prosecution can result from unlicensed transmission on frequencies which require a license, and/or interference with public safety transmissions.

All Land Mobile radios (LMR) require an FCC license to operate.

Icom Key Loader Software for F3400D F4400D F5400D F6400D

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CSKLD2 Icom Key Loader Software