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Icom RC-FS10 RoIP Remote Communicator Software for PC

Icom RC-FS10
Icom RC-FS10 RoIP Remote Communicator Software for PC
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Icom RC-FS10 Remote Communicator RoIP Solution

Icom's Remote Communicator RC-FS10 allows your radio system to be remotely managed from your office, home, or anywhere, using a PC and the internet.  The Icom RC-FS10 creates a virtual radio dispatch center on a Windows® PC. The PC software provides a basic set of programmable dispatcher console-like functions, like simple repeater control such as channel changing capability.

What is RoIP?

Radio over IP (RoIP) is an expanded version of VoIP, transmitting the radio control signals such as PTT and COR in digital format in addition to the digital voice packets. With RoIP it is possible to offer end to end digital signaling from a handset to any other communications device in the world. RoIP technology eliminates the leased lines previously used to remotely control base stations by tones and, in a RoIP digital implementation there are no conversions from E&M to IP limiting the controls signals available or delaying the speed of signaling. Of course true end to end digital signaling and communications also facilitates end to end encryption for secure communications.

Virtually Link Up to 8 IDAS Repeaters

The communicator allows for scalable capacity. One remote communicator can connect up to 8 IDAS repeaters, and 8 remote communicators can connect to one repeater.  The RC-FS10 software can transmit one voice path at a time. One CT-24 is required for receiving an IDAS repeater site, and up to 8 repeater sites can be monitored simultaneously with 8 CT-24s. The RC-FS10 requires the Trunking Controller also be installed in each repeater (UC-FR5000-01).

Icom RC-FS10 AT-A-Glance

The RC-FS10 software is easy to use with a flexible button layout on the PC monitor. Users can program capabilities found in radio units on their PC like stun, revive, emergency, status, etc. Users can also log calls and text messages to other users (up to 10 characters). There are three levels of password security.  Included with the RC-FS10 is the CT-24 Digital Voice Converter Unit (vocoder). The CT-24 digitally compresses the voice into a digital data stream. It also has an ESN used for unit identification when communicating with other radios.  The optional CT-23, desktop microphone adapter, allows the user to attach the SM-26 desktop mic or an HM-152 speaker microphone to the computer. The microphone will work just like it would be used. The PTT function is provided by a screen button in case a PC headset is used.


Icom's RC-FS10 - Coordinate In-Field Staff Remotely

Icom RC-FS10

Single Site System Applications

For dispatch desks in large, multi-storied or remote buildings where non-IP radio connections from the base radio to the main antenna would be inefficient, overly expensive or not possible. Use the RC-FS10 on a laptop and reach back to the repeater while away from the office. Also applicable for companies with the dispatch locations far distant from the rest of the radio system. 

Designed for:

  • Delivery companies
  • Waste management
  • School districts
  • Hospitals
  • Utilities
  • Security companies
  • Large casinos
  • Correctional facilities



Icom RC-FS10

 Multi-site System Applications

One company with multiple branch sites and multiple repeaters who want to control everything remotely, whether across town or from around the globe. Up to 16 IDAS repeaters (sites) can work on one network.  One RC controls up to 8 IDAS repeaters. One IDAS repeater can be connected to up to 8 RCs. Connect up to 128 RC units within an IDAS network.  Designed for large companies or agencies of all types.







Icom RC-FS10


Monitoring Different Systems     

Connecting different radio systems, even those using different frequency bands, via IP to achieve seamless voice and data communications.

Designed for:

  • Public safety agencies looking for affordable interoperability
  • Recently merged companies needing to reconcile incompatible radio systems
  • Large companies or agencies operating different radio systems who want to bring their communications under one umbrella.




What's in the Box:
1   CD containing software
1   USB cable
1   CT-24 Digital Voice Converter Unit
1   Cushion sheet

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Icom RC-FS10 RoIP Remote Communicator Software for PC