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Icom IP1000C Wireless Network Controller (WLAN)

Icom IP1000C
Icom IP1000C
Icom IP1000C
Icom IP1000C
Icom IP1000C Wireless Network Controller (WLAN)
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  • Brand: ICOM
  • Model: IP1000C
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ICOM IP1000C Wireless Network Controller

  • Manages up to 100 (IP100H or IP100FS) devices in a single network
  • Up to 11 IP1000C controllers can be interconnected - each with 100 radios
  • Can be used in all standard wireless networks
  • Easy to install
  • Range is only restricted by your IP network coverage
  • No License or call fees
  • Manages individual, group, or all-area calls
  • DHCP capable
  • Supports simplex or full duplex
  • Supports wired equivalent privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) encryption algorithms

ICOM IP1000C At-A-Glance

The IP1000C is Icom’s wireless network system and keeps track of the IP100 radios in your network. IP1000C controller can also communicate with third-party manufacturers' WLAN access points allowing for flexibility. It easily installs with existing IP1000C or new wireless networks.

The IP1000C controller connects to the wireless network and allows grouped users to hear and talk with another group. Individual calls are also possible. Full duplex communication (as with a regular telephone) can be used if enabled in the IP1000C controller and if a headset is connected to the IP100H.  And, using the IP100FS software you can connect to the network and have a fully functioning base station on your desktop computer; call a user, send a message, easily see which access point each user is connected to.  Icom's new radio system for wireless networks is a product that bridges the gap between license-free and licensed radio devices. The system is easy to connect to an existing wireless network and allows full duplex communication with reliable sound quality.

Since communication over a WLAN offers a wider frequency bandwidth and QoS priority packet delivery, the sound quality is higher than in a traditional radio communication system and is comparable to regular telephone communication.


Icom Extended Warranty
Icom America Inc offers a 1, 2 or 3 year Extended Warranty on their land mobile radios. The Extended Warranty period starts after the standard warranty period expires.   This is a full manufacturer's warranty, backed by Icom America and it's service technicians.  Protect your original investment by adding Extended Warranty coverage.   

End user pays all shipping fees to and from the service department for repairs.  Extended Warranty must be purchased at time of product purchase.  Icom Service centers are located in  the following states;  Washington, California, Illinois, and New York.

What's in the box:
1   IP1000C Controller
1   AC Adapter
1   Owner's Manual

Radios modified at the customer's request, such as programming or installation of logic boards, are not returnable.  For more information please see our Returns Policy.

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Icom IP1000C Wireless Network Controller (WLAN)