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CS-F9010 Icom Software v2.0 - Download

CS-F9010 Icom
CS-F9010 Icom Software v2.0 - Download
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Icom Programming Software for F9011, F9021, F9511, F9521 - v3.0

******  DOWNLOAD ONLY ******

This item is for download only. We no longer ship CD's.

This is version v2.0 for use with radios with firmware versions of v2.5.X or older.  Firmware v2.5+ is only compatible with Software v2.0. This cloning software is designed to perform data entry, setting and cloning for the following radios:

  • IC-F9511
  • IC-F9521
  • IC-F9011
  • IC-F9021

To use this cloning software, the following hardware and software are required:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 98 / 98SE / Me / 2000 / or XP versions installed on your PC.
  • This software is applicable to firmware v2.5.X.  
  • A PC with one of the following:
    • RS-232C serial port (D-sub 9-pin)
    • USB port
  • For a list of cables needed by radio model see our Icom Software Programming Guide
  • Firmware Notes

    • Firmware v3.2.X is only compatible with Software v3.2.2 or greater
    • Firmware v3.1.X is only compatible with Software v3.1.2.
    • Firmware v3.0.8A is only compatible with Software v3.0.0.
    • Firmware v2.5+ is only compatible with Software v2.0.

    Important: Loading 3.1.X or Greater Firmware in Radios with 3.0.X Firmware will remove the P25 Trunking capability from the Radio. The radio will only work in P25 Conventional mode after after updating to 3.1.X or greater unless the Trunking update ISL-3 is purchased and installed.

     To Check Firmware:

    Portables:  Press and hold "III" and the Left Arrow while turning on the radio. Non-display radios: Connect the radio to your computer using the OPC478U/UC cloning cable, open the CS-F3101D/F5120D  software and click Clone Information.

     Mobiles:  Press and hold P0 and P3, then switch the power on.

Attention: Once processed, software orders cannot be cancelled, exchanged, or returned for refund. Once your order has completed you can download your software.

Warning   Be advised, serious penalties and prosecution can result from unlicensed transmission on frequencies which require a license, and/or interference with public safety transmissions.

All Land Mobile radios (LMR) require an FCC license to operate.

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CS-F9010 Icom Software v2.0 - Download