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Two-way radios for hotels, resorts, and casinos are essential tools. Big or small, your property is a busy place. One thing all these properties have in common, you need timely communication to keep things running smoothly. You likely have a number of different teams you must communicate with regularly throughout the day. Maintenance crews, parking and valet, concierge, security, restaurants and in-room food service, business centers and IT support, landscapers, and housekeeping, must communicate both among themselves and with management. And your teams are spread-out.

Your business usually needs to communicate both indoors and outdoors so UHF two-way radios are your best choice. You also want radios that are easy for staff to use, easy to set-up, provide communication throughout your property, and are tough enough to last.

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Icom F1000D VHF | F2000D UHF Digital Radio
► Digital ►16 Channels ► 3 Programmable Buttons ► 4 / 5 Watts (UHF / VHF) ► Waterproof & Rugged ► Compact Design ► Repeater Capable ► Type-D Single-Site Trunking ►PC Programming Setup ..
Icom F3261DS VHF | F4261DS UHF Digital Radio
► 512 Channels, 128 Zones ► 8 Programmable Keys ► Waterproof ► Digital ► 24 Character Display ► Trunking Capable ► Extra Loud Audio - 800mW ► Built-in Voice Scrambler ► Repeater Capable ► MDC and BIIS Compatible ► PC Programming Setup..
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Icom F3400D VHF | F4400D UHF Digital Two-Way Radio
► 32 or 1024 Channels ► Built-in Bluetooth ►Digital ►Color Display ►Trunking Capable ► 5 Watts ► Voice Recorder ► Repeater Capable ► Channel Announce ► Menu Driven ► Compact Design..
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Icom IP100H Wireless Network Radio (WLAN)
► Waterproof ► Compact Design ► License Free ► Uses Your Wireless LAN Network ..
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Motorola MEVX-261 Digital Two-Way Radio | Vertex Standard
► 16 Channels ► Digital ► 2 Programmable keys ► 5 Watts ► 9.5 Hrs or 15.5 Hrs Batteries ► All Call, Group Call, Individual Call ► MDC-1200 Encode/Decode ► Channel Announce ► Waterproof ► Radio-to-radio cloning ► PC Programmable..
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Motorola MVX-454 Two-Way Radio | Vertex Standard
► 512 Channels / 32 Groups ► 8 Character Display ► 7 Programmable keys ► Waterproof ► 5 Watts ► Extra Loud Audio (700 mW) ► 9 Hrs. or 15 Hrs. Battery ► Voice Scrambler ► MDC-1200 Encode/Decode ► LTR Trunking Option ► Radio-to-radio cloning ► PC Programming..
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