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In farming, ranching, or forestry, people, crops, equipment, and animals are spread-out over long distances. The need to coordinate supplies, people, and equipment,  keep owners/managers informed, respond to rapidly changing conditions or emergencies, all depend on constant communication.

In remote areas you may not have reliable cell phone coverage.  Not to mention your monthly bill if everyone has a cell phone.  With two-way radios there is NO monthly service charge to access the airways.

If you are running a small family farm then you might consider a FRS or GMRS radios. However, FRS radios are limited to 2 watts so their range is limited.  If you have a family farm that is spread-out over longer distances or heavily wooded then probably need either GMRS radios, or business-grade radios, since they have stronger signals that can travel further.

For commercial or government uses we recommend professional grade two-way radios.  Rural applications usually operate best on VHF frequencies, unless they are being used in heavily forested areas (in which case UHF maybe a better choice for heavily forested areas). Rural users need radios that are:

  • Rugged & Waterproof
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable

We have based our recommendations for two-way radios on the needs of the rural user.

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Icom F1000 VHF | F2000 UHF Two-Way Radio
Volume Discounts ► 16 or 128 Channels ► 3 or 7 Programmable Buttons ► 8 Character Display ► 4 / 5 Watts (UHF / VHF) ► Waterproof & Rugged ► Compact Design ► Repeater Capable ► PC Programming Setup ..
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Motorola MVX-451 Two-Way Radio | Vertex Standard
► 32 Channels / 2 Groups ► 3 Programmable keys ► Extra Loud Audio (700 mW) ► 5 Watts ► 9.5 Hrs or 18.5 Hrs Battery ► Voice Scrambler ► MDC-1200 Encode/Decode ► Channel Announce ► Radio-to-radio cloning ► PC Programming..
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