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Basic Radio Programming

Basic Radio Programming
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Note: Please select the "Basic Radio Programming" option from the page where you order your radios. You cannot order radio programming from this web page.

Basic Radio Programming

When you order radios from us you can choose Basic Radio Programming. This service is designed to get you up and running quickly. Basic programming is limited to conventional (non-trunking) systems.

What’s included:

  • Up to 16 Channels

Includes programming each channel’s name (optional), transmit & receive frequency, and privacy tone codes, along with other common channel settings such as Busy Channel Lockout, Time-Out-Timer, etc. All channels will be set to narrowband per the FCC mandate.

  • Default Button Assignment

The number of programable keys, and the functions which can be assigned to them, varies by radio model. We will set the keys to a default configuration for the radio model you order.

  • Your Programming File Saved for Future Purchases

When you re-order we can match your settings to your previous orderd(s). We will be happy to send you this file at your request.

  • Upon Request We Can Also Program
    • Dual Watch Scan
    • Emergency Function

Advanced Radio Programming

The features below are NOT included with basic programming. At this time we do not offer advanced programming.

Some features considered to be advanced programming are:

  • More than 16 Channels
  • Any Scan other than Dual Watch
  • Scrambling/Encryption
  • Private (1 to 1) calling
  • Group 1 to many calling
  • All Call
  • Emergency System
  • Man Down System
  • Signaling Setup: MDC Signaling, DTMF Signaling, 2-Tone, 5-Tone, etc.
  • Programming a Trunked System
  • Lone Worker
  • Advanced Audio Profiles
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Voice Announcement
  • Text Messaging
  • Work Order Ticketing
  • ARTS
  • Remote Monitor
  • Telephone Interconnect

* This is a list of common advanced features, but is not all-inclusive of every advanced radio feature on the market.

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