Midland BR200X6BGC | BR200 Two-Way Radio Bundle

The BR200X6BGC Bundle features six of Midland’s BR200 Business Radios along with a six-radio capacity gang charger. The gang charger easily houses and recharges up to six radios at once, plus six spare batteries at once. Indicator lights on the gang charger show when radios are fully charged and ready for use.

BR200 Radio Hightlights

  • 16 UHF Channels, 2 Watts
  • Small & Lightweight
  • 56 UHF Business Frequencies ¹
  • 142 Privacy Codes
  • Monitor Function
  • Scan Function
  • Voice Prompted Battery Alert & Channel Selection
  • External Speaker Jack
  • 21 Hour Battery Life Under 5-5-90 Usage
  • PC Programmable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Optional FCC Itinerant License - $50 off when you include now

Midland BR200 At-A-Glance

Ease of use The BizTalk series is ready for use right out of the box. They can be easily programmed with our simple step-by-step software. No training is required to operate the radios, easing costs and saving valuable time in high-turnover industries.

Midland BR200 Cost Effective & Reliable

Compared to other brand name business radios, BizTalk radios are the most economical business radios on the market. The BizTalk series provides affordability, while maintaining the quality and reliability Midland is known for. Simplifying your business’s daily operations is something that every business owner looks to accomplish each day. Reliable, cost-effective communication is critical for a fast-paced business’s ability to thrive. Midland BizTalk Business Radios are built for clear, dependable communications in your fast-paced professional environment.

Midland BR200 Versatile

Check inventory on hand at the push of a button. Connect instantly with the back of the house while shortening critical wait times. Coordinate your staff for smooth execution during events. Stay cool in any customer-facing scenario when the behind the scenes work gets hectic.

Midland BR200 FCC License $50 Discount

This radio is requires an FCC license to operate. An FCC license is good for 10 years and allows use of your radios at temporary job-sites throughout an entire state, several states, or nationwide, depending on your needs. Itinerant frequencies are used by companies who work at various temporary locations. This is a $50 savings when you order now (regularly $399 for businesses, and $299 for non-profits).

What you get with your license...

  • Up to 5 itinerant frequencies, either VHF or UHF (if you require more we will be happy to accommodate your request).
  • For use on handheld radios
  • Good for 10 years.
  • For use within the state(s) you designate

How licensing works...

  • All it takes is to complete a short questionnaire.
  • We do all the paperwork, submission, and track your application to completion.
  • This package is all-inclusive (covers all FCC fees paid on your behalf).
  • Then sign your final paperwork.... We take care of the rest!

Note: If you are a non-profit you must provide a 501c letter issued by the IRS to receive this Non-Profit reduced fee. The FCC will NOT accept state issued letters.

What’s in the box:

6   BR200 Two-way Radios
6   Li-Ion Batteries
1   Gang Charger
6   Belt Clips
6   Antennas
1   Owners Manual

Radios modified at the customer's request, such as programming or installation of logic boards, are not returnable.  For more information please see our Returns Policy.

¹ This radio is requires an FCC license to operate. We can assist you with getting a license when ordering radios.

General Features
Frequency Band(s) UHF
# of Channels & Zones 16
Output Power 2 watts
Weight (with battery)
Display No
# of Programmable Keys 0
Full 16-Key Keypad No
IP Rating (Water & Dust) IP54
Receiving Audio Output 500mW
Digital No
Trunking Capable No
Voice Scrambler | Encryption No
Other Compact & Simple

Midland BR200 BizTalk Radio - 6 Pack

  • Brand: Midland
  • Product Code: BR200X6BGC
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $539.95

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