Icom F50V Radio - Icom F60V Radio

128 Channels, Display, 5 Watts, Waterproof, Pager Option - FREE SHIPPING

Icom F50V Radio - Icom F60V Radio
Icom F50V Radio - Icom F60V Radio Icom F50V Radio - Icom F60V Radio Icom F50V Radio - Icom F60V Radio Icom F50V Radio - Icom F60V Radio
Brand: ICOM
Product Code: IC-F50V - IC-F60V
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Icom IC-F50V IC-F60V - Waterproof, Rugged, Versatile

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  • 128 Channels, 8 Zones
  • 7 Programmable Keys
  • 8 Character Display
  • Submersible and Rugged
  • Extra Loud 700mW Audio
  • Vibration and Voice Storage - "Pager" Model
  • Small Design
  • 4 / 5 Watts (UHF / VHF)
  • Built-in Voice Scrambler
  • Repeater Capable
  • MDC 1200 and BIIS Compatible
  • PC Programming Setup
  • Li-Ion Battery and Rapid Charger

ICOM IC-F50V / IC-F60V Small and Rugged

Superior water protection, compact and full of features, made for the most demanding environments, that sums up the ICOM IC-F50V / IC-F60V radio. This little twoway radio packs a punch. At approximately 3.85 inches high, 1.5 inches deep, and 2.25 inches wide, you'll almost think you're carrying a cell phone. That is until you drop it in water and realize it just keeps on working! The IC-F50V / IC-F60V can withstand submersion in 1m depth of water for up to 30 minutes, and has dust-tight construction to prevent dust intrusion (rating of IP67). Simply put, it's one of the toughest waterproof radios around.

ICOM IC-F50V / IC-F60V Features

The ICOM IC-F50V / F60V two-way radio is so full of features it's no wonder this radio has become such a popular item. The built-in amplifier delivers 700mW of audio output, significantly louder than most other 2-way radios, making it ideal for noisy work locations. The built-in audio compander provides clear crisp communications. There is a built-in Voice Scrambler, and it has a Power On Password for added security. And did we mention there is a model that can vibrate and record voice messages! When a pre-programmed code (either 2 or 5-tone ), or call is received while in MDC mode, the radio vibrates powerfully enough to be felt through heavy clothing, and the voice recorder automatically starts recording the incoming message. You'll never miss an important call again. You can also manually record incoming calls, as well as your own message.

There is a Lone Worker function. When the radio is not operated for preset period it sounds a beep and requires the user to respond by pushing any key. If a key is not pushed an emergency signal automatically transmits to inform either your co-workers or dispatcher that something may have happened.

ICOM IC-F50V / IC-F60V Signaling Functions

The ICOM IC-F50V / F60V two-way radio includes the most popular signaling capabilities. Use the built-in CTCSS, DTCS, 2-Tone, 5-Tone and MDC signaling capabilities to set up your talk groups or selective calling. There are 8 DTMF Autodial memories. The IC-F50V / F60V can decode ten 2-Tone codes, or eight 5-Tone codes, on a channel. When a matched tone is received, the following actions are programmable for each code • Bell icon • Answer back call • Beep sound • Auto transmit • Radio Stun/Kill/Revive • Voice recorder • Vibration alert.  The IC-F50V / F60V also supports MDC 1200, and several BIIS 1200 selective calling and data features.

ICOM IC-F50V / IC-F60V Scanning Functions

The IC-F50V / IC-F60V has enhanced scanning capabilities. In the Mode Dependent setting, when you change the channel the scan list automatically changes to the scan list set for that channel. The Talk Back function allows you to quickly respond to calls. The Nuisance Delete function temporarily deletes a channel from the scan list. Back-light at Scan Stop automatically turns on the LCD back-light when the scan stops.

To see the full list of features look in the 'Features' tab for this radio.

Do you like this radio but need an intrinsically safe model? Take a look at the ICOM IC-F50 Intrinsically Safe radio.

Icom Extended Warranty
Icom America Inc offers a 1, 2 or 3 year Extended Warranty on their land mobile radios. The Extended Warranty period starts after the standard warranty period expires. This is a full manufacturer's warranty, backed by Icom America and it's service technicians. Protect your original investment by adding Extended Warranty coverage.

End user pays all shipping fees to and from the service department for repairs. Extended Warranty must be purchased at time of product purchase. Icom Service centers are located in the following states; Washington, California, Illinois, and New York.

What's in the box:
1  IC-F50V or IC-F60V Radio (choose; VHF or UHF)
1  Rapid Charger (BC-119N with AD-100 Adapter Cup)
1  117V AC Adapter (BC-145SA)
1  Antenna (VHF or UHF)
1  Battery (BP-227)
1  Belt Clip
1  Owner's Manual

* Radios modified at the customer's request, such as programming or installation of logic boards, are not returnable. For more information please see our Returns Policy.

This radio is requires an FCC license to operate. We can assist you with getting a license at no extra charge when ordering radios.

ICOM IC-F50V / IC-F60V Features and Benefits


128 Channels, 8 Zones (Groups) Manage communications of large groups
4 / 5 Watts (UHF / VHF) Good coverage and signal strength
Programmable Frequencies Match your current radios
Repeater Capable Flexibility to grow
VOX Ready  (Voice Operated Switch) Hands free operation with VOX headset
Cloning Capable ² Easy setup of multiple radios
Power-on Password Added security
3 Power Modes Longer battery life but power when you need it
Low Battery Alert (2 levels) Know when it's time to recharge
User Set Mode Allows user to change some settings
7 Programmable Buttons Quick access to most used functions
Compact Design Smallest radio in it's class
Zone Labels Name zones for easy identification
Channel Labels 8 user-defined names can be assigned to each channel
3 color LED Easy to know TX, RX, & battery status
700mW Audio Clear communication in noisy areas
Transmit Inhibit Assign channel as 'receive only'
Busy Channel Lockout Prohibit transmission if channel is in use
PC Programmable ² Easy to customize
Key Lock Function No accidental changes to settings
Busy Channel Lockout Prohibit transmission if channel is in use
Surveillance Mode Disables LED light & beep when needed
Up / Down Navigation Buttons Quickly move to desired channels /functions
Compander Improved audio clarity in narrowband signals (on/off control)
8 Character Display with Icons Easy to know and change settings
Monitor Function Open channel squelch to monitor for traffic
Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Packs Latest in battery technology
Battery Pack and Charger Included No extra charge
Voice Scrambler Built-in version type scrambler for added privacy
Light On Easily turn on the LCD backlight
4 Memory Channels Direct select programmed channel
Squelch Level Adjustment by channel Reduce unwanted chatter
Low Battery Alert (2 alert levels) Know in time to change the battery
10 hrs operating time ¹ Longer operation
Penalty Timer Can restrict long conversions
Time-out Timer Prevent unnecessarily long conversations
IP67 Water / Dust Resistant Extra rugged for tough environments
8 Minute Voice Recorder Record incoming calls or leave a message
Vibration Alert ² Less missed calls
Meets MIL-STD 810 Rating in 11 categories Rugged tested to military standards
Two Year Manufacturer Warranty Protection of your investment
Icom Extended Warranty Option Added protection of your investment

ICOM IC-F50V / IC-F60V Signaling Features

CTCSS/DTCS Encode/Decode Reduce unwanted 'chatter'
8 DTMF Auto Dial Memories & ANI Support for this signaling
Emergency Alert Send alert & listen to audio
Lone Worker Can require workers to respond at pre-set interval
10 2-tone & 8 5-Tone Encode/Decode codes: Initiate functions thru signaling
     • 6 Beep Patterns Set different beeps to signal users
     • Stun / Kill / Revive Disable & Enable lost or found radio over-the-air
     • Bell Icon Flashes when call is received
     • PTT ID (5-tone) Automatically send unit ID
     • Answer Back (5 tone only) Automatic notification that response is coming
     • Auto Transmit Hands free transmission without a headset
     • Activate recorder & vibration ² For Voice & Vibration model
     • Selective Call Directly call a radio or group
     • Start / Stop Scan Activate scan
MDC 1200: Support for these MDC functions / signaling
     • Stun / Revive Disable & Enable lost or found radio over-the-air
     • Selective Call Directly call a radio or group
     • PTT ID Automatically send unit ID
     • 500 Aliases Use names instead of numbers
     • 5 different MDC Profiles Set different MDC profiles by channel
     • Send Status / Message Send 80 commonly used statuses / messages to dispatch
     • Activate recorder & vibration² For Voice & Vibration model
     • Lone Worker Alert sent when timer not reset
     • Call Alert Let someone know you wish to talk
     • Emergency Alert & Retransmit Alert & open mic with re-transmit to ensure call is heard
     • Radio Check Check if radio is powered on
BIIS 1200 Compatible: Support for these functions / signaling
     • 32 Call Memories  
     • 7 group Ids for Group Calls  
     • 8 character messages  
     • Emergency  
     • Stun / Kill / Revive  
     • PTT ID (ANI)  
     • 24 Status messages  

ICOM IC-F50V / IC-F60V Scanning Features

Scan Monitor messages on a channel
Priority Scan Select a priority channel to scan
Priority Re-Write Allows user to re-assign priority A channel
Dual Watch Monitor 2 priority channels
Start / Stop Scan Enables & disables scan function
Talk Around Reduce unnecessary airtime through the repeater
Nuisance Channel Delete Temporarily delete channel from scanning list.
Power-on Scan Automatically scans when radio is turned on
Talk Back Respond quickly to call
Mode dependent Scan Able to set different scan modes by channel
Scan List 17 scan groups for flexible scan operations
Backlight at Stop Scan Back-light automatically turns on at scan stop
Fully Programmable Scan Features Greater flexibility to
Optional Features ²  
Voice Recorder & Vibrate no missed calls, use like a pager
GPS Operation with HM-170GP Speaker/mic Can send GPS location information
Some features require programming to enable.  
Some features require the purchase of additional products to enable.  
¹ Approx. time with Li-Ion battery & usage of 5% receive, 5% transmit, 90% rest.  
² Additional hardware and/or software required.  


ICOM IC-F50V / IC-60V Accessories

FA-S24V Flexible antenna for 136-150 MHz VHF (blue tip) (use with F50V/60V)
FA-S27U Flexible antenna for 400-470 MHz UHF (green tip) (use with F50V/60V)
FA-S56U Flexible antenna for 450-512 MHz UHF (red tip) (use with F50V/60V)
FA-S57US Stubby antenna 450-490MHz 2.75" long (red tip) (use with F50V/60V)
FA-S59V Flexible antenna for 150-174 MHz VHF (red tip) (use with F50V/60V)
FA-S62VS Stubby antenna 150-162MHz 3.5" long (red tip) (use with F50V/60V)
FA-S63VS Stubby antenna 160-174MHz 3.5" long (green tip) (use with F50V/60V)
FA-S74U Flexible antenna for 470-520 MHz UHF (blue tip) (use with F50V/60V)
BP-226 Alkaline battery case (holds 5 AA batteries) (use with F50V/60V)
BP-227 Li-ion battery pack - 7.2V / 1700mAh (use with F50V/60V)
Belt Clips & Cases  
AW F50 Stud/Swivel Kit Stud and swivel together in a kit (use with F50V/60V)
AW F50 Area 51 Durable water resistant case with a unique swivel clip included (use with F50V/60V)
LC-F50 CLIP Leather Case for the F50V/F60V with a clip (use with F50V/60V)
LC-F50 LOOP Leather Case for the F50V/F60V with a loop (use with F50V/60V)
LC-F50 SWIVEL Leather Case for the F50V/F60v with a swivel (use with F50V/60V)
MB-86 Swivel belt clip (use with F50V/60V)
MB-96F Fixed leather belt hanger. Use with MB-94.
MB-96N Swivel leather belt hanger. Use with MB-93.
MB-98 Standard belt clip (use with F50V/60V)
CP-17L Cigarette lighter cable
OPC-515L DC power cable for use with BC-192
AD-100 Adapter cup for BC119N & BC-121N (use with F50V/60V)
BC-119N 01 110V Desktop rapid charger (BC-145 included; requires AD-106)
BC-119N 51 BC119N plus AD100 already installed (use with F50V/60V)
BC-121N Multi-Unit (6) Desktop Chgr (BC-157 & AD-106 adapter cups required)
BC-121N F50 Multi-Unit Charger Kit – includes; BC121 + BC157 02 + (6) AD-100 (use with F50V/60V)
BC-145SA 110V AC adapter for BC-160/BC-119N (included with rapid charger)
BC-147SA 14 110V AC adapter for BC-192
BC-157S 07 110V power supply for the BC-121N gang charger (or for BC-197 with the F3101D/4101D)
BC-190 01 Sensing charger that recharges battery even after charging is finished (use with F50V/60V)
HS-94 Ear-piece type headset for VS-1L
HS-95 Headset with boom mic for VS-1L
HS-97 Earphone with throat mic for VS-1L
Otto V4-10514 Lightweight single speaker headset w/in-line ptt (use with F3161/4161, & F50V/60V)
VS-1SC Hands-free VOX/PTT unit (requires headset – order separately) (use with F3161/4161, & F50V/60V)
Speakers, Microphones, Earpieces  
HM-169 Waterproof speaker microphone (IP-67) (use with F3161/4161, & F50V/60V)
Otto V1-10432 Earpiece to use with Otto speaker mics - right angle plug
Otto V1-10822 2-wire palm mic kit (black) (use with F3161/4161, & F50V/60V)
Otto V2-10273-S Intrinsically safe H2O Evolution style speaker mic immersion rated (IP68) (use with F3161/4161, & F50V/60V)
Otto V2-10314 Evolution heavy duty speaker mic (use with F3161/4161, & F50V/60V)
Otto V2-L2CM11 Profile speaker mic (use with F3161/4161, & F50V/60V)
CS-F50V Programming windows software (use with F50V/60V)
OPC-966 Programming cloning cable with RC-232S connector (use with F50V/60V)
OPC-966U Programming cloning cable with USB connector (use with F50V/60V)


General Features
Frequency Band(s) VHF (F50V) & UHF (F60V)
# of Channels & Zones (Groups) 128 Channels, 8 Zones
Output Power (watts) 5W (VHF) & 4W (UHF)
Radio Weight (with battery) 9.9oz (VHF) & 10.0oz (UHF)
Display Yes, 8 Character
# of Programmable Buttons 7
Full 16-Key Keypad No
IP Rating (Water & Dust Protection) IP67, Submersible for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter
Receiving Audio Output 700mW
Digital No
Truncking Capable No
Voice Scrambler or Encryption Yes, Built-in Inversion Voice Scrambler
Other Optional Voice Recorder & Vibrate Alert

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